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At Emcor International General Trading Co. W.L.L, we specialize in cutting-edge solutions for the oil and gas sector, power protection, and sustainability. Our expertise in UPS and battery technologies ensures reliable and efficient operations, empowering your success in the energy industry.
Our Partners
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EIGTC has been recognized as one of the major growth catalysts, offering reliable business solutions.  Join the pool of satisfied clients now!

Powersonic USA

Power Sonic offers quality, reliable, and safe battery solutions worldwide for over 50 years to a wide range of industries.


The vast range of SIEL products and solutions can be adapted to the specifications of any customer and industry, for both small and large applications.

Jayachandran Groups

JC Groups one of the fastest growing manufacturers of Automotive Batteries, Flat plate Inverter Batteries, Tubular Batteries & SMF VRLA Batteries.

Metronix INC

Metronics offers one stop solutions for products relating to the healthcare industry, maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO), and fitness equipment.


Energon Solutions Private Limited manufacturing VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries for industrial application and two-wheelers for SLI (Starting, Lighting & Ignition) applications.

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